Against the backdrop of the fight against coronavirus, Folding@Home network performance exceeded 1 exaFLOPS

Less than two weeks ago, various companies, including Nvidia, encouraged users to join the Folding@home network to fight coronavirus.

10 days after this, the Folding@Home network reached a total performance of 470,000 PFLOPS, which is three times higher than the performance of the most powerful Summit supercomputer. Only three days have passed since then, and today, a post appeared on the Folding@Home page on Twitter, indicating that network performance has overcome the 1 exaFLOPS barrier!

For comparison, in November last year, the total performance of the 500 most powerful supercomputers in the world was “only” 1.65 exaFLOPS. To what mark Folding@Home will eventually get to, now one can only guess.

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