ActiNav kit gives Universal Robots the ability to capture chaotic elements

Universal Robots announced the availability of the ActiNav software and hardware suite, which gives its robots the function of capturing chaotically lying elements (bin picking). The task of capturing arbitrary elements is considered one of the complex and at the same time important in machine vision and robotics. A robot equipped with ActiNav can take parts from a box or other container and place them on a conveyor, install it in a machine or fixture for further processing.

ActiNav combines a machine vision system, sensors and software for real-time autonomous motion control. The system does not require any experience in the field of robotics and works on the principle of “training by demonstration.” Unlike similar solutions, based only on the visual aspect of scene analysis and requiring large amounts of additional programming to adapt to specific operating conditions, ActiNav is said to be suitable even for manufacturers and integrators with limited experience in this field.

ActiNav works with the UR5e and UR10e robots of the UR series, UR + components or the ultimate manipulator of your choice. The kit includes an Autonomous Motion Module (AMM) and ActiNav URCap user interface software, as well as a set of 3D sensors. ActiNav can independently load parts into CNC machines and retrieve them after processing.

ActiNav can now be ordered in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Availability worldwide, the manufacturer promises later this year.

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