According to IDC, the situation with COVID-19 has increased the demand for laptops and tablets in Europe by a third

A preliminary assessment of the results of the first quarter on the European market, carried out by IDC analysts, allowed them to argue that the situation with COVID-19 increased the demand for laptops and tablets by a third. Due to restrictions designed to contain the spread of the pandemic, a large number of people have switched to remote work and training.

“This has led many retailers and distributors in Western Europe to run out of goods,” said Malini Paul, an IDC researcher for the European PC market. – Disruptions in the supply chain in China after the closure of Wuhan during the Chinese New Year reduced supplies to the European market by about 15–20% in the first quarter. Over 90% of laptops and tablets imported into Europe are manufactured and assembled in China. ”

At the same time, according to analysts, demand grew. It affected both the needs of individual consumers and the actions of companies purchasing computers for their employees.

Although production in China is already returning to normal, disrupted international logistics and border closures in Europe continue to affect.

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