According to IDC forecasts, this year more than 300 million wearable electronics devices will be shipped, and almost 500 million in 2023

The largest segment during this period will be smart headphones.
In the coming years, the wearable electronics market will grow as consumer interest persists and device prices go down. This point of view is held by the specialists of the analytical company IDC. The forecast they prepared for the period from 2019 to 2023 says that this year the supply of wearable electronic devices will reach 305.2 million units, which is 71.4% more than last year’s figure, equal to 178.0 million units.

Analysts believe that until 2023 the market will grow by an average of 22.4% per year. If this forecast comes true, in 2023 the volume of deliveries will reach 489.1 million units.

The largest segment now is smart headphones. In 2019, 139.4 million units were shipped, which is 45.7% of the market. In 2023, this category of devices will remain the largest. Moreover, smart headphones will occupy 56.0%, since it is expected that they will be shipped 273.7 million units.

Smart watches are in second place, accounting for 22.7% of deliveries, and bracelets with 22.4% in third. By 2023, for smart watches will be reduced to 22.3%, and bracelets – to 14.3%. It is easy to calculate that the total share of devices of all other categories, now equal to 9.2%, will be reduced to 7.5% by 2023.

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