According to IDC estimates, Apple ranks first in the smartphone market in the quarter

IDC analysts summed up the fourth quarter of 2019 and the whole year in the smartphone market. According to their estimates, 368.8 million devices were shipped for the quarter, and 1.371 billion for the year. For comparison: 373.1 million smartphones were shipped in the fourth quarter of 2018, and 1.403 billion for the whole of 2018. In other words, the market decreased by 1.1% and 2.3%, respectively.

In the fourth quarter, Apple became the market leader. She was able to increase supplies from 68.4 million units to 73.8 million units, which led to an increase in the share from 18.3% to 20.0%.

In second place is Samsung, whose share has remained unchanged at 18.8%. The third place belongs to Huawei. The share of the Chinese manufacturer for the year decreased 16.2% to 15.2%. The top five also include Xiaomi and Oppo with indicators of 8.9% and 8.3%.

As for the data for the year as a whole, Samsung remained the leader, which increased deliveries from 292.2 million units to 295.7 million units. As a result, the share of the South Korean manufacturer increased from 20.8% to 21.6%.

The second place is occupied by Huawei, whose share for the year increased from 14.7% to 17.6%. The share of Apple, displaced by the Chinese manufacturer in third place, decreased 14.9% to 13.9% over the year. Xiaomi is in fourth position with 9.2%, Oppo in fifth with 8.3%.

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