According to Group-IB, the “Internet piracy market” in Russia collapsed for the first time in five years

In recent years, the shadow market for video content in Russia has grown rapidly in the face of strong advertising support from illegal online casinos and bookmakers. However, this year the situation was reversed.

Group-IB, a cyber attack prevention company, shared an interesting assessment. According to Group-IB experts, “for the first time in five years, the Internet piracy market in Russia has not only stopped growing, but has also shown a decline.” Allegedly, the volume of this market, which means the income of Russian Internet pirates, amounted to $ 63.5 million, which is 27% less than in 2018.

Among the main reasons for the collapse are the blow to the advertising model of monetization of pirated resources, the fall of the Big Three pirated CDNs (Moonwalk, HDGO and Kodik), supplying content to 90% of online cinemas in Russia and the CIS, as well as improving the legislative field and the anti-piracy memorandum signed a year ago with the participation of Yandex, Mail.Ru, Rambler, Channel One, VGTRK, STS Media, Gazprom-Media.

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