A whole new level for the most affordable mobile graphics cards. Nvidia is preparing new products on the core of the GTX 1650

Some time ago, Nvidia introduced the GeForce MX330 and MX350 mobile video cards. The first is only renamed MX250, but the second is a stripped down version of the mobile GTX 1050. Unfortunately, it is so much cut that the MX350’s performance is only 10-15% higher than that of the MX250, and the GTX 1050 is faster by 25-30%.

But even before the MX330 and MX350, rumors appeared that Nvidia was preparing a truly new generation of MX cards based on the TU117 GPU. Recall, this graphics processor is the basis of the GeForce GTX 1650. At the moment, in the minimum configuration of such a GPU contains 896 CUDA cores.

The code name for this graphics core for MX cards is N18S-G5. It is reported that there will be two modifications: A and B. It can be assumed that the models will be called MX430 and MX450.

The configuration of the N18S-G5 is unknown, but the source clarifies that the video cards themselves will have a 64-bit bus and be characterized by a TDP of 25 watts. Of course, the performance of such MX cards will be much lower than that of the full-fledged mobile GTX 1650. Firstly, the latter has a 128-bit bus, and secondly, its TDP is 30-50 watts. But new MX cards should still be much faster than current ones. It can be expected that the conditional MX450 will bypass the mobile GTX 1050, although, of course, you need to wait for the tests.

Support for PCIe 4.0 is also reported and the younger version will be equipped with both GDDR5 memory with a frequency of 7 GHz and GDDR6 with a frequency of 10 GHz, while the older one will always be equipped with GDDR6.

The appearance of such cards is expected in the second half of the year.

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