A special date is selected for the announcement of an interesting inexpensive 5G smartphone

So the manufacturer is trying to emphasize some exclusivity of the device.
A proven network informant who maintains a page on Twitter under the nickname @AndroidSaint has posted the official renderings of the new Vivo Z6 smartphone, as well as some of its characteristics.

This is a mid-range device that will support fifth-generation mobile networks through the use of Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G single-chip system.

The battery capacity of the Vivo Z6 will be 5000 mAh, while the smartphone will support fast charging power of 44 watts. In addition, Vivo Z6 will receive an effective liquid cooling system.

The main camera includes four image sensors, and due to the different colors of the rectangular block of the camera, smartphones can look different. The fingerprint sensor is located on the rear panel. The front camera is embedded in the active area of the screen in the upper right corner.

Vivo Z6 will be presented on February 29.

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