A revolution in electric vehicle charging? Autonomous robots will charge

They can be placed almost anywhere.
One of the advantages of electric vehicles is the ability to build the infrastructure of charging stations. They can be installed one at a time almost anywhere in the city. In addition, they occupy a minimum of space.

And in the future, it seems, we will have a new type of charging stations – mobile. This concept was shown by Volkswagen.

As you can see, this approach will significantly expand the ability to charge electric vehicles, and Volkswagen itself is not shy about calling it a revolution.

The company already has a prototype of such a robot and a trailer with a battery capacity of 25 kWh, which is capable of providing a power of 50 kW. Unfortunately, so far there is not even an approximate timeline for the appearance of such devices, but in general from a technological point of view, nothing is impossible in them, so it is up to the manufacturers.

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