A new zombie virus has been found on Android. Xhelper stays on the device even after resetting to factory settings

Symantec specialists discovered a new malicious Android application called Xhelper.

Xhelper is interesting in that it is very difficult to get rid of this software. In particular, the application can reinstall itself, in addition, it does not appear in the list of installed programs. Moreover, even resetting the smartphone to the factory settings will not help get rid of the virus – the application will still remain on the device.

As for his actions, the virus displays various advertisements on the smartphone screen. Symantec experts also note that the Xhelper code indicates that the application is still under development, that is, it can become even more complicated and dangerous for users.

At the moment, according to the source, almost 50,000 smartphones are infected with the virus, and every month the number of infected devices is growing by about 2,400 smartphones.

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