A new initiative allows everyone to participate in the search for a cure for coronavirus

The coronavirus epidemic has brought many problems not only to ordinary people, but also to the creators of modern electronics and software. Google canceled the annual I/O conference, and shortly before that, MWC 2020 was closed. The Folding@home project suggests not waiting for large pharmaceutical companies to find a cure. Instead, everyone on their home PC is able to contribute to the overall fight against the epidemic.

Those who previously participated in the global initiative to search for alien life SETI@home have a lot of free resources. It is they who are offered to transfer to the fight against the epidemic. Folding@home distributes special software that uses conventional personal computers around the world to find a cure for coronavirus. The essence of the project is to process huge amounts of data using thousands of PC enthusiasts instead of attracting a supercomputer.

Folding@home declares that all information received is accessible to all comers and is openly distributed through several scientific laboratories. The data processing client is available for download on the following operating systems: Windows, macOS and Linux. After launch, the application starts to work only during the idle time of the computer, so users should not feel its impact on everyday work.

You can download the program on the project website.

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