A hacker who hacked the UK National Lottery for 5 pounds, received a prison sentence


The British National Crime Agency reported that 29-year-old Anwar Batson, also known as Rosegold, received nine months in prison for attacking the UK National Lottery and its user accounts. At first, Batson claimed to be a victim of trolls and hackers, and his devices were cloned or hacked, but was later forced to plead guilty to all four counts, as investigators found on his devices the logs of conversations between him and other criminals, as well as for attack tools.

It all started back in 2016, when Betson and his associates, including Daniel Thompson and Idris Kayode Akinvunmi, wanted to quickly “earn” money through the lottery. It was Betson who proposed using the well-known Sentry MBA tool to crack user accounts. Bason himself used the Sentry MBA to launch attacks against the Camelot company, which manages the lottery, as well as creating the necessary configuration files and instructing others on how to conduct attacks.

As a result, with the help of the login and password received from Batson, Akinvunmi managed to hack someone else’s account and stole 13 pounds from the player’s account. According to previous agreements, he transferred part of his production (5 pounds) to Batson.

Akinwunmi was detained shortly afterwards, as the police identified one of the IP addresses used during the attacks. During interrogations, Akinvunmi said that he learned to use the Sentry MBA thanks to someone Rosegold, and after checking his computers, the chat logs also confirmed. As a result, on May 10, 2017, Batson was arrested at his home in Notting Hill.

Although 5 pounds is a ridiculous amount, according to British law, it is still considered fraud and crime, in accordance with the Law on the misuse of computers from 1990. In addition, the lottery operator spent more than £ 230,000 in response to the incident, and more than 250 customers closed their accounts after the incident was announced.

Now Anwar Batson was sentenced to nine months in prison. Akinwunmi and Thompson received prison sentences in 2018: they were sentenced to eight and four months in prison, respectively.


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