A budget graphics card with a good cooler, GDDR6 memory and impressive overclocking. Introduced Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1650 D6 Eagle OC 4G

Gigabyte has finally introduced the first video card of the new Eagle line, which we first learned about a few months ago. The first-born of the line was the GeForce GTX 1650 D6 Eagle OC 4G.

It is impossible to understand on one card whether the new line will stand out, but for now everything looks quite usual, although this is definitely not the most budgetary solution. In this case, the card received a cooling system with a pair of large 90 mm fans, a metal plate covering the back of the device and a very impressive acceleration. In this case, the peak frequency reaches 1815 MHz against the 1590 MHz recommended by Nvidia.

The memory runs at 12 GHz. You can also note the DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort ports and a card length of 212 mm.

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