Tesla electric cars taught to “talk” with pedestrians


Tesla electric cars already have developed artificial intelligence, which in some cases can do without the help of a driver. Soon, the company’s models will become even smarter – Elon Musk posted on Twitter a video of an electric car that “started a conversation” with a pedestrian standing on the sidewalk.

According to the businessman, this is not about a draw at all. “It’s true,” he said in his microblog. A short video published by Musk shows Tesla Model 3. “Don’t stand, stare, sit down!” – the car turns to an outside observer.

It is still unknown whether artificial intelligence communicates with people or just a recording is played. One user asked if the corresponding function would be added to the “security” Sentry Mode, to which Musk replied: “Of course! This may epicly mislead the burglar! ”

However, in the comments there were also skeptics doubting the advisability of adding such a function to the firmware of electric vehicles. They argue that cues coming from a car with closed windows are likely to scare or offend anyone passing by – it’s just a matter of time.


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