96-layer Flash NAND memory and read speeds of up to 3400 MB / s – this is the Plextor M9P Plus SSD

New Supports NVMe 1.3.
The range of Plextor SSDs has expanded with the M9P Plus model – it is positioned as an improved version of the M9Pe model. The main differences between the new product and its predecessor are 96-layer Flash NAND memory instead of 64-layer, support for the NVMe 1.3 protocol and an increased amount of memory in the basic version.

Plextor M9P Plus is represented by three memory options – 256 and 512 GB, as well as 1 TB. Read and write speeds increased, but not much: from 3200 to 3400 MB / s and from 2100 to 2200 MB / s, respectively (SLC buffer memory is saved).

Plextor M9P Plus is already available in China. The basic version costs $ 57; the 512 GB version is priced at $ 95.

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