90% of Chinese said they trust their colleague robots more than people

The level of trust in robots in China is much higher than the world average; their indicator is slightly higher than in India (89%). This became known from a study by the American company Oracle and the company Future Workplace.

According to the survey, respondents believe that robots have advantages over people – most of them say that people plan their work worse, operate with objective information and solve problems. Four out of five respondents believe that robots are able to cope with most tasks better than ordinary managers.

“This survey reinterprets not only the relationship between the employee and the manager, but also the role of the manager in the workplace,” said Dan Schawbel, Research Director at Future Workplace. “Managers will remain relevant in the future if they focus on using their communication skills while leaving routine tasks to robots.”

The study involved 8370 employees, executives and managers in 10 countries from July to August 2019. About half of all respondents said that they use this or that artificial intelligence technology in their daily work.

“Contrary to popular belief, two-thirds of the survey respondents were optimistic about the robotic colleagues, and a quarter of the respondents said that their relationship at work would be“ pleasant, “the researchers said.

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