70 inches for $ 485. Xiaomi TVs cheaper in China

Despite coronavirus, many manufacturers have provided discounts by February 14.
Chinese companies are calculating the losses associated with the situation around the coronavirus, and are preparing to meet February 14 price cuts. Xiaomi is no exception.

The company has reduced the cost of its televisions. As a result, a fairly modern model Mi TV 4A with a screen diagonal of 70 inches can be bought for only $ 485 – even cheaper than by pre-order at the start of sales.

In addition, the 32-inch Mi TV 4C (up to $ 100), the 43-inch Mi TV 4C (up to $ 160), the 55-inch Mi TV 4A (up to $ 245) and the E55X (up to $ 260), as well as the 65-inch E65C (up to $ 385).

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