5G, get out. For 6G, the logo is already ready

This year, 5G networks are starting to take their first steps in various regions of the world. In many countries, fifth-generation mobile communications will not be deployed in only a few years, but preliminary work on 6G is already underway, as confirmed by market leaders.

Next year, 5G is expected to start growing rapidly, with the network reaching its peak by 2025. And while the world froze in anticipation of 5G, the famous Chinese company Vivo filed a patent related to 6G.

No, it does not describe the technical side of the next generation mobile network. We are talking exclusively about the logo design patent for 6G networks, which was registered with the EU Intellectual Property Office.

Despite the fact that the launch of 6G is expected only in 2030, Vivo decided to patent its own version of the logo, probably hoping that it could be chosen when introducing the new standard.

Previously, Huawei digging said that 6G technology development will take about 10 years.

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