5G will lead to lifestyle changes and the third Internet revolution

International Data Corporation (IDC) published a forecast for the Chinese 5G market, according to which about 100 million 5G smart terminals will be shipped in 2020, including 5G smartphones, tablets, laptops, VR / AR headsets and other products. In 2023, annual shipments of 5G devices will exceed 400 million units.

More importantly, the advent of the 5G era will lead to a change in people’s lifestyle and work. IDC talks about the concept of V2E (Voice to Everything), which will cover a wide range of products, which will lead to the third Internet revolution in China – the “era of voice Internet.” IDC predicts that 100 million people in China will use the voice interaction feature in 2020.

According to IDC’s forecast, more than 40% of users in 2020 will use more than one 5G device at home. More than 30% of children aged 1 to 14 will begin to use smartphones and other 5G devices more actively next year.

A revolution in the automotive industry is also expected. In 2020, more than 80% of car manufacturers plan to collaborate with developing technology companies to develop new automotive systems. They will offer improved features for computing / storing data and so on.

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