5G modem affects the quality of the camera. You might think so by looking at the recent DxOMark rating.

For some reason, DxOMark experts tested the camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note10 + smartphone, although they already evaluated the Note10 + 5G model.

It is not very clear why this was done, given the almost complete identity of these devices. Perhaps the reason is that there should be more Samsung smartphones at the top of the leaderboard of the DxOMark rating.

Be that as it may, the results of the devices unexpectedly differ, although not significantly. More precisely, only the video quality rating is different: 101 points for a version with 5G and 98 points for a version without 5G.

The reason, most likely, lies in different firmware, since otherwise it is unlikely to explain the difference. Be that as it may, now the top three leaders in the rating of the source formally already have two Samsung smartphones.

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