56 cores, 112 threads and a TDP of 655 watts. Guess whose processor it is?


According to a source, a new Intel processor was lit up in one of the online stores. The novelty is called Xeon W-3375X and is focused on use in workstations. And we are talking about far from the most ordinary model.

Xeon W-3375X received 56 cores and can execute 112 threads, but the maximum frequency is 5.1 GHz! We take into account the 14-nanometer process technology, and in the end we get a TDP of 665 watts! Here it is a stone’s throw away. Intel has a similar processor in its assortment – Xeon Platinum 9282. It has the same 56 cores and 112 threads, but the maximum frequency is “only” 3.8 GHz. But the TDP is lower – 400 watts.

Alas, nothing is said about the release date and price of the Xeon W-3375X.


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