50TB HDD in 2026 Seagate unveiled their plans

Seagate has published an image that reveals the manufacturer’s plans for the HDD market. More specifically, regarding the volume of hard drives.

In recent years, the maximum volume of HDD has grown slightly, and so far the record among serial models is 16 TB, although models with a volume of 18 or even 20 TB may appear by the end of the year.

Seagate itself plans to begin supplying such drives in early 2020. But something else is impressive. At the end of next year, Seagate intends to actively switch to HAMR technology, which will make it possible to release a 30 TB drive in 2024, and 50 TB in 2026! Recall that HAMR is a magnetic recording technology using local heating with a laser.

True, capacious HDDs have not been of interest to most ordinary users for a long time, and drives of such an extreme volume are unlikely to be initially available in the consumer segment at all.

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