50-watt wireless charging is no longer fiction

Such charging is attributed to the Oppo Find X2. It will be released early next year.
We recently learned that the Oppo Find X smartphone received a successor early next year. The device is expectedly attributed to the SoC Snapdragon 865, as well as a high-resolution screen and the latest Sony camera.

The Find X model, among other things, stood out with its support for ultra-fast charging. In 2018, a 50-watt charge seemed fantastic. And it seems that Find X2 will pick up the banner of its predecessor as the carrier of the fastest charging technology. Only this time wireless.

The source says that Find X2 can get support for 50-watt wireless charging! To date, the record in this segment is 30 watts. It is not yet clear whether Oppo will be able to implement such technology in its new product. In addition, in this case the question arises of the charger itself. Perhaps Find X2, like its predecessor, will be very expensive, and the charging station will simply be supplied.

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