5.5 million test kilometers or more than 600 trips guarantee the exceptional reliability of the Mercedes-Benz Vito. In general, this is a small car with three types of drive, two wheelbases and three lengths available in three execution lines – BASE, PRO and SELECT and with seven package offers, it is aggregated by two economical diesel engines with power options from 88 hp. (65 kW) up to 190 hp (140 kW) and two gearboxes – a 6-speed manual and 7-speed automatic.

Thanks to a professional approach and constant striving for innovation, Mercedes-Benz Vito has many exceptional technical features, five of which you will learn here for the first time:

Carrying capacity: The standard Vito van is capable of carrying up to 1250 kg of cargo, and with an increase of up to 3200 kg of the permissible gross vehicle weight, almost 1350 kg.

Stability on the move: Three chassis options – basic, comfortable and sporty – with independent wheel suspension are characterized by good grip. Technically advanced chassis design provides high dynamics of movement, effective damping of vibrations, as well as low noise level. So, it is equipped with coil springs, stabilizers and shock absorbers; MacPherson strut front suspension, rear independent.

The dominance of off-road comfort: Comfort on the Vito Tourer does not depend on the end of the road surface. Four-wheel drive and 4ETS traction control system eliminate conventional differential locks and reduce vehicle weight. The engine, automatic transmission and front axle form a compact drive module, while the height of the four-wheel drive vehicle remains at the rear-wheel drive version.

Safety: An active parking assistance system with an all-round camera and an unsafe distance warning system are unique to the segment of small vehicles. In addition, instead of the commercially available halogen headlamps, the Intelligent Outdoor Lighting Control System ILS (Intelligent Light System) is optionally available. It includes LED direction indicators and daytime running lights, as well as dipped, high beam and turning lights. Due to the adjustable distribution of light, the headlights adapt to the speed of movement, movement on the highway or on country roads.

Layout: Depending on the length of the car, the passenger compartment can be equipped with two, and in an extra-long version, three rows of double and triple seats. To set the maximum number of seats (nine), select three rows of seats in the passenger compartment (layout 2-2-3) or a double seat for front passengers and two 3-seater rear seats.

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