$ 300 million in coupons for Black Friday Sale on Aliexpress

A few hours were left before the start of the sale on Black Friday. Aliexpress has prepared $ 300 million in coupons for its new and old users.

When visiting the aliexpress website, users are invited to receive a coupon in the amount of $ 10. To teach a coupon, just log in to the user’s account (or register for new users).
Coupons can be spent between 29.11 and 04.12 2019.
However, this is not a question …

Who said that one user can get only one coupon in one hand?

Each potential buyer can easily get as many ten dollar coupons as he wants. The number of coupons is limited only by the number of official languages of the site and the number of user computers.
So let’s get down to business.
In order to get more than one coupon in one hand, just change the language of the aliexpress website interface to one of the proposed ones and go to the start page. Having received the coupon, we change the language to the next from the list and repeat the procedure …

There are 11 official languages for the site’s interface, which means that when you log into one account, one user with one hand can get $ 110 in coupons for purchases on Black Friday, simply by switching the languages of the interface.

And if you have more than one computer?

And yet, yes, you can repeat the procedure from another device and get the same amount …
The amount is limited solely by the number of devices.
Hurry while the loophole is still working.
Link to the coupon under the video.

$10 coupons for Black Friday Sale on Aliexpress

$10 coupons for Black Friday Sale on Aliexpress


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