2000 iPhone 6s handed out to quarantined cruise ship passengers due to coronavirus

Smartphones handed out so that passengers can use special applications.
Among the news about the coronavirus, one can often read about the Diamond Princess cruise ship. Some time ago, the first sick people appeared on the ship, because of which the ship became in the port of Yokohama, and passengers were forced to remain on board.

Only yesterday, the first passengers, whose analyzes showed a negative result, were able to leave the ship, but still more than 3,700 people remain on the ship.

According to sources, the Japanese authorities transferred about 2,000 smartphones on board the ship to be handed out to passengers. It is reported that smartphones have preinstalled applications that will make it easier for passengers to receive medical advice. The application was once created for the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan.

Judging by the photos, we are talking about smartphones iPhone 6s. The source also clarifies that all smartphones have access to the cellular services of the SoftBank operator.

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