16 cores – not the limit for Ryzen

AMD sees no reason to dwell on this number of cores. If the software is optimized, then why not?

By this year, AMD has again doubled the maximum number of cores in its Ryzen processors for the AM4 socket. AMD Technical Director Mark Papermaster (Mark Papermaster) said that this is not the limit.

He said that now he does not see any limit for the number of cores in consumer CPUs. Especially against the background of the fact that the software is gradually working better with multi-core CPUs.

This should be meaningful. You do not want to add new kernels to processors before applications learn to use them. As long as this balance is maintained, I think we will continue to see this trend.

As we know from AMD’s roadmaps that hit the Network, we should not expect an increase in the number of cores next year. The company will introduce a new architecture, which without this should significantly increase productivity.

But in 2021, according to rumors, AMD may switch to the 5 nm manufacturing process, which will allow to increase the number of cores in the CPU.

Separately, Papermaster was asked about rumors about AMD processors supporting SMT4 technology, that is, the ability of one core to process four data streams at once. The technical director of the company noted that the technology is not new and it has existed on the server market for some time, and its implementation in consumer products depends only on software optimization. But at the moment, there is no talk of introducing SMT4 yet.

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