15 minutes to fully charge the smartphone. Lenovo boasts 90-watt charging capabilities for its upcoming flagship

At the moment, the maximum charging power in smartphones is 65 watts, and the first such model appeared more than a year after the appearance of the first model with 50-watt charging.

In this case, we have a much more impressive jump in power, although it is still difficult with the time frame, since it is unclear when Lenovo will introduce the new product.

Charging with a capacity of 50-65 W allows smartphones with not the largest batteries to fully charge in 35-40 minutes. How much will the Lenovo Legion charge?

If you believe the new data, with a 4000 mAh battery, a full charge will take … 15 minutes! The source clarifies that the corresponding advertising poster was published on the official Lenovo page on Weibo, that is, you can trust it. True, it is worth noting here that this poster does not directly indicate that the new smartphone will have a battery of precisely such capacity. Moreover, it will be a gaming smartphone, and they are usually equipped with more capacious batteries. In any case, the performance will be incredible. In addition, Lenovo mentioned that all versions of the smartphone will have 90-watt charging, and not just some of the most expensive ones.

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