Up to 8 cores and the old 14 nm manufacturing process – the characteristics of 11th generation Intel Rocket Lake processors have become known

As many people know, Intel has problems with switching to 10 nm process technology, however, the company is still trying to smooth it somehow – for example, 10th generation CPUs will have up to 10 cores, unlike 8 cores in top solutions on LGA1151v2. Therefore, only 8 cores in the 11th generation seems to be a very strange solution – especially taking into account the same 14 nm process technology.

The only strength of the new generation of processors will be the fast integrated graphics of iGPU Gen12 with 32 execution units. There is also information about an updated memory controller that supports DDR4-2933.

The release of Rocket Lake processors is scheduled for 2021. Intel did not provide accurate information on the timing and specifications of future chips. However, experts still hope that Intel will be able to overcome the deficit by mid-2020, which will allow it to focus on switching to 10 nm and 7 nm manufacturing processes, albeit with a huge delay.

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