$ 1.7 million for Samsung TV

The Wall models go on sale.
At the beginning of 2018, Samsung showed The Wall, the world’s first huge modular TV based on the MicroLED panel. Then they showed us a 146-inch model, and also talked about some details.

Earlier this year, Samsung demonstrated several more of the same models of different diagonals. Samsung is now launching these televisions. So, from today on sale are several models in two ranges: The Wall Luxury and Professional. The first is intended for consumers, the second – for corporate customers, but Samsung does not particularly explain what the differences are, except for positioning.

There are three models in total: 146-inch 4K resolution, 219-inch 6K resolution and 292-inch 8K resolution. The price starts at $ 490,000, and ends at $ 1.68 million! And this is without taxes.

Samsung notes a frame rate of 120 Hz, a LED life of 100,000 hours, and a dedicated Quantum Processor Flex processor.

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